Window Tinting Reno – Premium Services

Window tinting is the best option to reduce the incoming light inside your vehicle. We are providing the window tinting services in Reno. There are tough and rough sun rays in the day time. We offer you the best Window Tinting Reno services.


Window Tinting Reno Prospects

Most of the window tinting facilities are working out there to offer you services. However, we are sure that no will serve in such a way that we do.

Window Tinting Reno

What makes us different from others?

We are serving the community for many years. When a client comes to us to avail of the window tinting services, we offer various solutions. A key difference between us and others is the communication strategy. We deliver complete information about what we will do and how we will do it.

We provide complete guidance about window tinting.

Window Tinting – Our Services

You can avail of our window tinting services for your vehicle, commercial, and residential place. We have experienced team members that will explain even the minor details about the project.


Vehicle Window Tinting

We offer you a variety of window tinting for your vehicle. Tinting is the thick layer of sheet coated with the blockers on the one side. The tinting sheet does not allow or reduce the passage of light from one side to another.

Once you approach us to tint your car, we serve you with the best quality materials. Vehicle tinting can be done within an hour.

Considering the government and federal rules and regulations, we do the tinting work. There are different ratios of the tinting sheet. The maximum allowable tinting in Reno is 70% and we follow the rules.


Residential Window Tinting Services

Considering the weather of Reno, most people prefer to tint their homes. Considering the modern trends, most of the exterior is made of glass and in summer, direct sunlight enters the house.

If there is no window tinting at your place, the life of the inhouse materials possibly decrease because when the items are exposed to direct sunlight, their strength decreases.

Our team visits your place and offer the best option for your window tinting. Considering the volume of the project, we complete it. We assure you that you will get the best window tinting services at an affordable cost.


Commercial Window Tinting Services

For commercial building window tinting, we have experts on our team. They will serve you with such installation facilities that tinting will last for years. Moreover, tinging helps in reducing the indoor temperature and thus there will be a positive impact on your electricity bill.

Heat resistant film Installation

Such film reduces the unwanted approach of sunlight inside your vehicle, workplace, and home. Installation is somehow costly than window tinting but it offers the double services at the rate of one. Heat resistant film helps to save your electricity bill up to 10%.

No matter what service you avail of, we rest assure that we deliver the best quality services at any cost.