The Greensboro History Museum

The Greensboro History Museum

The Greensboro History Museum, featuring the original First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro and Smith Memorial Building along with the present-day Smith Masonic Temple, is a historic museum complex located at 130 Summit Avenue in Greensboro, Guilford County.

Established in 1950, the museum is one of North Carolina’s foremost history museums. The museum features a permanent display of artwork by local and national artists, as well as, historical documents, public records, maps, and periodicals on important subjects related to Greensboro.

The museum also features a fine collection of crafts made by skilled artisans, including clockwork, metalwork, metalworking, woodworking, and textiles. In addition, the museum offers a host of educational programs each year, for both children and adults.

The Museum has two large indoor exhibits. The first exhibit is “Voices of Greensboro,” which highlights the various cultures that have shaped the city. The second exhibit is “Greensboro in Black and White,” a rare display featuring early Jim Crow articles.

Other exhibits in the museum include The Art of Early America, Early Masonite, Gunpowder, Colonial North Carolina, Early Christian Life, Early Family History, Early Marriot’s, and Civil War artifacts.

While at the Greensboro NC history museum, one can also partake in a free guided tour of downtown Greensboro. This one-hour guided tour allows visitors to see many of the city’s most notable landmarks while enjoying a comfortable tour of the historic streets.

The Greensboro History Museum

Along the way, one can enjoy the shops, gardens, playgrounds, and museums. Additionally, there are many other activities available, including free theater performances.

For those looking for more amusement than commuting to a downtown Greensboro NC Museum, the neighboring North Carolina Performing Arts Center is the perfect place to go.

The NCCAPA presents more than sixty shows every year, showcasing a variety of musical and artistic genres. One can attend these shows virtually anytime. However, the best time to visit is during the springtime, when the center is especially busy.

For more education opportunities, one can enroll in the GED program offered by the Museum of Art. To qualify, one must be a resident of Greensboro. Upon completion of the GED program, one will be mailed their associate degree in hand.

In addition to earning, one’s associate degree, the credits can transfer to several colleges and universities including NC State University, the University of North Carolina, and Eastern Carolina University.

Those looking for some excitement should head to the NASCAR Hall of Fame located in downtown Greensboro. The museum features one of the largest collections of auto racing memorabilia in the world.

One can find autographed photos and ticket stubs from all of the past NASCAR events. Additionally, the museum has a video section where one can view numerous videos related to motorsport.

This section also features a wide selection of movies including those that have been made based on NASCAR racing history. There are also short videos relating to the history of Formula One, as well as short feature films on certain racing cars.

The downtown area has several other museums, including the courthouse, public library, and the state capitol. Additionally, the county jail is located just down the street from Greensboro History Museum.

Any visitor who is visiting Greensboro would benefit from a tour of these buildings. Additionally, the Art Walk is an annual event that showcases local art talent.

Finally, one should not forget about the restaurants located in Greensboro. Greensboro is home to some of the most popular restaurants in the South Eastern United States. These restaurants offer visitors the finest cuisine from around the world.

Whether one chooses to dine out or eat at one of the many fine dining establishments, one is guaranteed to experience the best of Greensboro History. One can enjoy delicious food, great drinks, and wonderful history all in one city.

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