Does CBD make your eyes red?

Does CBD make your eyes red? This common question among many patients taking medical marijuana is that I hear from new patients every month.

The short answer is: Yes, CBD does make your eyes red. However, several factors at work contribute to the reddening eyes you often see when smoking pot. Not sure which CBD therapy is best for you? Take the brief quiz below to find out now!

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Important Point to Understand

First, it’s important to understand that our bodies experience various changes when we ingest cannabis, both physically and psychologically. For example, when we smoke pot, we are changing the chemistry of our bodies.

Essentially, we’re putting in an entirely new chemical structure to our bodies when we smoke pot. It can result in various symptoms, including red eyes.

However, we don’t always know what is causing these changes in our bodies. So, while you may feel fine one moment, it may come back to haunt you the next.

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Side Effects

Does CBD make your eyes red?

I mean by this, there are some serious side effects associated with the use of over-the-counter THC products.

Most popular brands contain at least some amount of THC, but it’s often concentrated in the first few weeks after purchase. During this period, it’s not surprising that you get red eyes if you don’t stick to the package directions.

At first, these side effects may seem very negligible. But, because your body isn’t used to such a high THC concentration, it will begin to feel uncomfortable and even cause some mild discomfort.

When you’re taking an allergy pill to relieve your allergies, you probably aren’t thinking about your eyelids! But, CBD is an allergen, just like THC.

When you take CBD, your body will begin to ‘switch on the allergies sensors. If the CBD starts to work in reverse, it will eliminate your allergies and help your eyes stay clear.

Another side effect that has been reported with over-the-counter THC products is an increase in water retention. When you take a lower dosage of CBD, your body will begin to hold more water, leading to some serious eye redness.

However, the CBD is also a vasodilator and will increase the flow of blood through your veins. This increase in blood flow will reduce your evaporation (tissue excretion) and may help to reduce redness.

Since your eyes are the first places that notice any changes in your blood, the addition of a vasodilator can be very beneficial.

Besides helping you get rid of unwanted eye redness, CBD can also help with other ailments. Some users have noted that it helps them sleep better, their headaches improve, and even lose weight! The biggest benefit to using cannabis oil supplements for a variety of ailments is that you do not have to smoke cannabis.

Instead, you can simply take the capsules, which make a great part-time job or weekend hobby.

In conclusion, we have talked about the positive health benefits of cannabis, including the fact that it can increase alertness and reduce migraines. Still, it can also decrease red eyes, reduce headaches, increase blood pressure, and help with many other ailments.

If you are interested in trying a little something extra to increase your health, try using cannabis for joint pain relief. You can also try a couple of different products like eye gels and drops.

Or, perhaps you’d prefer to try a more holistic approach. Whichever you choose, remember that while cannabis is great medicine for many people, it might not be good for your health if you use too much of it.