Best Service in Glasgow

We offer cheap photo booth hire in Glasgow because as we believe that everyone has a right to enjoy and in doing this we also believe that when they are doing it then why left any detail out. We are the best planners in the area and trust us we have planned everything so that you don’t have to do it. We have left you with one and only one responsibility and that is to take care of yourself and have a time of your life while you are at it. When you book us, we provide you with a full package i.e. suppose you book us for a party then not only we’ll be responsible to provide you with a dance floor on which you can go all guns blazing but also we’ll provide you with a pick and drop service. As we have said before that all we want for you is to enjoy the time of your life so we mean it.

Limo Service:

Our limo service is the world best service and trust me, we have all the options you would like such as: if you plan on taking your plus one i.e. special lady for the night then we have the range of all the luxury cars, also if you want to go with a group of friends who like to party then we have for you our special party bus which is equipped with a bar, a dance floor and also a DJ System so that you can roll in style with your gang, and if you like we can provide you with a photographer who can take your amazing photographs.

Party Booths:

Although there are so many options out there that can convince you to change your mind i.e. people often get confused about what to choose, but don’t worry when you hire us, we provide you with a full package.

  • There is no limit to the number of prints, take as many as you want.
  • We can arrange a guest book to record names and pictures of anyone who goes into the photo booth because we know to make this special day memorable, you will want all the services that you can get and also keep it simple, keep it best.
  • We can provide you with instant photographs i.e. some of the guests when going home wants to take a copy of the photograph with them, so we can arrange for that we can provide you with whatever they desire and however they desire.
  • If you wish to then you can use our internet to post a photo on your profile or you give us consent so that we can upload your photo on our official PBG page.
  • If you don’t have anything to carry your photo with you then don’t you worry, we can provide you with a complimentary USB.
  • If you are traveling or attending the party alone then we can hook you up with our photo booth buddy and remember us when we say we’ll make it exceptional then we will at any cost.